Sustainable Urban Planning

If you want to be one of the up-and-coming communities, you need residents and visitors who prefer places that are people-oriented: active, cosmopolitan, environmentally aware, and highlight their historical character..

Communities must now compete globally and appeal to a sophisticated clientele.

Good schools and stores aren’t enough anymore.

Cities need to preserve historic resources, provide increased open space and other respites from urban stress, and plan for sustainable development through a diverse approach.

Amick Cultural Resource Development Offers You the Humanistic Edge

Technical fixes are not enough, and further additions technological devices can escalate the problem by increasing growth of consumerism. Only when communities commit to providing humanistic environments, will they wholly address the sustainability challenge.

So-called green redevelopment too-often relies on “densification”, gardenless lots, streetscapes of garages, or residences facing the darkness of narrow alleys.

Research verifies that, from humankind’s origins in Africa, people thrive in humanistic environments.

ACRD utilizes practical scholarship in environmental psychology and biophilic design to shape and preserve special places.

Drawing on Savannah Place Theory and other research, we can champion the use of prospect and range, pocket parks, street trees, viewsheds and respites to stimulate the occupant’s creativity and sense of contentment.

Biophiphilic design, according to research from Stephen Kellert, A.O. Wilson and other scholars, enhances:
  • Aesthetics
  • Connectedness
  • Group Bonding
  • Harmony
  • Heritage
  • Inter-species Companionship
  • Kinship
  • Observation
  • Order & Meaning
  • Peace
  • Physical Prowess
  • Reverence
  • Sustenance
  • Security

Biophilic design builds sustainability, and sustainability requires Environments that Foster the Human Spirit™.
That is what I provide, by advocating for communities that honour the common dignity of all persons and the interconnected web of existence.

There is a Demand for Liveable Community Planning Services

Today’s municipal climate shows that:

  • Cities need diverse creative talent to compete
  • Ini turn, the desired, creative talent want people-based communities, often referred to as Liveable Communities
  • The creative class of people demand participation in community planning
  • Creative people demand what all humans need, surroundings that encourage the development of our creativity
  • Society’s race against climate change accelerates the necessity of meeting people’s psychological requirements for humanistic environments  

Amick Cultural Resource Development Can Serve Your Organisation

By engaging bright, creative people, and working with Henry Amick’s own understanding of preservation, architecture, and planning, ACRD can facilitate community-based liveability planning.

ACRD will:

  • Study the project area and provide solid advise on how to approach that specific source
  • Draw upon a broad professional network of agencies, organisations, and individuals to distinguish your project by its superior quality
  • Conduct focus groups, surveys, and public meetings to form the groundwork of the project
  • Provide documents, educational materials, and exhibits to communicate your project to government, industry, and the public
  • Consult with your staff to determine best practices and incorporate those subsequent projects

Collaboration and Project Management

For all sizes of organisations, ACRD provides partnering and collaboration services that build upon our shared commitment to the re-localisation of economies and the re-engagement of individuals in community.