Why Your Organisation Can Benefit From Historic Preservation & Heritage Conservation Services

Today’s preservation climate shows:

  • Reduced federal support increases need to face projects from multiple angles
  • Many clients are hampered by the large number of underqualified and recreational preservationists who have infiltrated the field

How Amick Can Support Your Organisation

Your organisation can more than compensate for the current conditions through the skills of a respected professional historic preservationist who will:

  • Substantively meet US federal government professional criteria Appendix A – 36 CFR 67
  • Study your targeted project in order to provide discerning advice on how to create a dependable preservation strategy
  • Consult with state and local agencies to assure proper adherence to guidelines
  • Find and articulate approaches that will distinguish your project from among similar projects
  • Support your project by consultation with a professional network of agencies, organisations, and individuals
  • Provide documents, educational materials, and exhibits in a single package to communicate your goals to officials and the public
  • At the conclusion of the project, consult with your staff to identify the best practices
  • Identify how to incorporate the best practices into future projects

ACRD can provide preservation research and reports including:

  • Reconnaissance Level Suvey (RLS)
  • Intensive Level Survey (ILS)
  • National Register and Local Nominations on Buildings, Structures, Neighbourhoods and Districts, and Cultural Landscapes such as Parks, Farms, Historic Trails and Parkways, and Gardens
  • Section 106 Report (required for all US federally-funded construction projects)
  • Telephone Tower Siting Studies
  • Custom Research and Reporting to Meet Your Precise Needs

ACRD Provides up-to-date Service, with Recent Education in:

  • U.S. National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Sustainability Initiative
  • Cultural Landscapes Documentation and Interpretation
  • Canadian Heritage Conservation Listing Scheme
  • State of Oregon Historic Resource Electronic Database

Experience Examples