Why You Need Professional Support for Funds Development

Today’s proposal climate shows:

  • Leaner organisations leave employers short staffed
  • Reduced availability of federal and state funds increases competition and drains other sources
  • Restrictive grant guidelines demand a strategic proposal
  • Outcomes-based funding requires more initial planning and integration with program providers

How ACRD Can Support Your Organisation

Your organisation can more than compensate for current conditions with the assistance of ACRD, which will:

  • Study the targeted funding institution to provide solid advice on how to approach that specific source
  • Organise beneficial collaborations with local and state governments, individuals, and corporations
  • Provide planning documents, grant searches, grant writing, and grant completion reporting to make your job easier
  • Consult with your development director at the conclusion of the project to identify the best practices so that we can incorporate them into future projects

Funds Coaching

If you represent a small organisation, unable to hire grant writing services, ACRD can provide funds coaching, enabling you to engage your Board more actively in fundraising. Your organisation can face its competition with renewed strength, thanks to ACRD’s unique advising service.

The Grants Search Report (GSR) reviews a range of grant sources and outlines the most appropriate ones. The results appear in a report form suitable for presenting to your board. For organisations lacking a development staff, the GSR can save the organisation valuable time and reputation.

Collaboration and Project Management

For all sizes of organisations, ACRD provides partnering and collaboration services that build upon our shared commitment to the re-localisation of economies and the re-engagement of individuals in community.

The Higher Ethics Covenant

ACRD emphasises ethical practices and integrity as the basis of any organisation worthy of support. In order to position your organisation for increased public value, and thus greater funding, ACRD requests your covenant to raise the bar of ethical practices.

Performance Measurement Systems

A Performance Measurement System from ACRD provides a efficient means keeping your staff on target. The ACRD approach uses the best in teambuilding and coaching practices to facilitate buy-in.