Visitor Numbers a Problem?

Quality Curriculum Guides can help.

Curriculum Guides in the 21st Century

Bring your curriculum guides into the new century. With the exciting developments in electronic manipulation of information, curriculum guides no longer have to be limited to paper. They’re not just a cue sheet for the teacher about “things to see on the fieldtrip.” Or anticlimactic post-visit testing instruments

Now, curriculum guides can be:

  • multi-media presentations
  • hard copy in custom binders, CD’s, DVD’s, VCR’s, or Web-based content
  • on-site AV in auditoriums, exhibit kiosks, and gallery projections systems
  • inter-active, participatory learning opportunities
  • participant testing, scoring, and tracking instruments

Quality Curriculum Guides Are a Part of the Education Process

Amick Cultural Resource Development (ACRD) curriculum guides save teachers lesson development time and ensures professional learning techniques are followed.

They align classroom learning with state and federal learning objectives. And, they show that your organization is dedicated to providing valuable learning experiences and enhance the museum visit experience .




Quality Curriculum Guides Contribute to Attendance

ACRD guides reward attendance. Students account for almost half of the visitors to museums. To attract them to yours, give them reasons to come and reasons to return. Quality curriculum guides make your museum educationally special

Recognized Diversity

Schools provide the majority of visitors to Michigan museums. School groups tend to be heterogeneous in race and religion and often by economics. Writing to diversity sells your museum to schools.

Quality Curriculum Guides Persuade Fieldtrip Stakeholders

They substantiate the value of the museum experience to:

  • Teachers
  • Principals, Superintendents, and Administrators
  • Students
  • Parents
  • Donors and Sponsors

Quality Curriculum Guides Engage the Student

Our guides help teachers creating a high level of excitement among students before the visit. They talk directly to students on a grade-appropriate level and give them opportunities to participate before, during, and after the visit.

Make Multi-media Work for Your Museum

In a era when leading museums recognize the effect of integrated delivery systems, ACRD provides full integration. Museums that want to present effective, memorable exhibits realize that paper handouts in a custom folder—however well done—are only the beginning of a  design that must work on all levels to be truly effective.

ACRD’s advanced, integrated interpretations deliver your message through a constellation of media from CD-ROM to the Internet to projection DVD to gallery interactives and lobby kiosks. ACRD can provide you with complete turn-key support.

Click here to view a sample curriculum guide designed by ACRD (pdf).

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