Henry Amick, Principal of Amick Cultural Resource Development

Since 1988, I have had the privilege of providing heritage services, including cultural resources writing, interpretive plans, museum education materials, oral history interviews and other research, preservation plans, and services. With research focusing on cultural and site context, my studies have included the preservation of vernacular cultural landscapes and site-sensitive green architecture. With a professional interest in biophilic design, the intent of my work is to create, preserve, and interpret environments that foster the human spirit.


These examples of previous work illustrate the diversity of my contributions to a project and levels of involvement.

  • Institute For Housing and Urban Research, Gaävle, Sweden
    Fritidshus Preservation Project
  • Significant Contribution: This research project incorporated interviews, archival, and field research, to present a case for and mitigation options for the preservation of an icon of national identity, the Swedish summer house, amidst the impact of counter-urbanisation.

  • Detroit Historical Museum, Detroit, Michigan
    Dossin Great Lakes Museum Teacher Guide
  • Significant Contribution: Joining the project mid-stream, I was able to redirect the content of this maritime history curriculum packet to increase its usability. I extensively re-wrote the curriculum guide. The Michigan Historical Society recognized the quality of this document with their 2003 Award of Merit.

  • Detroit Historical Museum, Detroit, Michigan
    Architects We Knew Program

    Significant Contribution: I was able to gauge the public response to a lecture series, develop unique approaches that supported scholarly content, and elicit additional, non-grant funding through my relationship with the American Institute of Architects. The result has been an ongoing collaborative discussion of the history of Detroit’s built environment, engaging varied members of the community and locating Detroit’s importance in architectural history.

  • Detroit Historical Museum, Detroit, Michigan
    Museum Expansion Project

    Significant Contribution: Joining the Expansion Team after they reached a dead-end in design, and their leader decided to take a fresh approach, I was able to help revitalize the committee through careful observation of group dynamics and diligent research work. We worked with a subsidiary of the Detroit-based architectural firm Albert Kahn and Associates and the Victoria, Canada, exhibit designers André & Associates. My contributions included research on architectural history exhibits, representative streetscapes, and group interpretive facilities.

  • Michigan Historic Preservation Network, Lansing, Michigan
    Performance Evaluation System

    Significant Contribution: Designed a system in tandem with the staff, enabled ownership by key users of a mechanism for demonstrating their value (to funders).

  • Henry Ford Estate, Dearborn, Michigan
    Interpretation Plan

    Significant Contribution: Created educational plan in response to this unique site, visitor comment, and the concerns of staff.

  • Arab American National Museum, Dearborn, Michigan
    Museum Construction Project

    Significant Contribution: In the last 13 months of the project before opening, the museum invited me to join a panel of museum and subject advisors.  I provided tweaking of interpretive systems and spaces.

  • Hallockville Museum Farm, Hallockville, New York
    Hallock Homestead Restoration and Hudson Visitors Center Interpretation Project
  • Significant Contribution: This was the largest single project Hallockville Museum Farm had seen up to that time. I worked in partnership with the city of Riverhead, NY, and gathered political support at various levels. I wrote a project development document – including restoration, historic landscaping, and interpretation – that served as the support for the grant request. I also acted as a liaison between Hallockville Museum Farm and the New York Department of Transportation.

  • Hallockville Museum Farm, Riverhead, New York
    Cicanowicz Home Restoration Project

    Significant Contribution: Based on the success of the previous project, I recognized the possibility of larger projects from the same source. This second project allowed my institution to expand the scope of diversity it taught to include the heritage of the minority Polish population. Before work on the first restoration had begun, I was able to secure the second grant for over 2.5 times the amount. It was also necessary to negotiate an agreement with the Long Island Lighting Company that allowed the use of their property to complete the restoration.

  • Old York Historical Society, York, Maine
    Wilcox Home Room Restoration
  • Significant Contribution: This was a re-installation, after I completed new research on a previously restored historic space, and an opportunity to be coached by some of the leading researchers of the day.

  • Bridgton Historical Society, Bridgton, Maine
    Narramissic Restoration Project: Proposal for restoration of a 19th century farm
  • Significant Contribution: In less than a year, I identified restoration requirements of the Narramissic property, collaborated with restoration professionals, wrote the grant proposal, and, as Executive Director of the Bridgton Historical Society, dialogued with the Maine Historic Preservation Office to ensure that the funds would be applied in creative ways.


As a result of my experience, I have established a solid professional network within the grant-writing, museum, preservation, and sustainability communities through working with such organizations as:

  • American Association of Grants Professionals
  • American Association of Museums
  • Association for Living History, Farms and Agricultural Museums
  • Association for State and Local History
  • Documentation and Conservation of the Modern Movement
  • International Committee On Sites and Monuments
  • Maine Archives and Museums, Michigan Museums Association
  • Midwest Open Air Museums Coordinating Council
  • Michigan Historic Preservation Network
  • Michigan Museums Association
  • National Trust for Historic Preservation
  • New England Museums Association
  • Society of American Historians
  • Society of Architectural Historians
  • Vernacular Architecture Forum


  • Professional Certificate in Cultural Sector Leadership, University of Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
  • Masters of Science in Historic Preservation, Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, Michigan
  • Swedish Student, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Swedish Student, Uppsala International Summer Session, Uppsala, Sweden
  • Architecture Student, Boston Architectural Center, Boston, Massachusetts
  • State of Michigan Teaching Certificate (History)
  • Real Estate Sales Certificate, University of Southern Maine, Portland, Maine
  • Self-designed Study Tour, the Alvar Aalto studio, Vitrisk, and the architecture of Finland
  • Researcher, Institute for Housing and Urban Research, Gävle, Sweden
  • Lecturer, Gotland University College, Visby, Sweden
  • Collections Cataloguer, Robert Owen Museum, Newtown, Wales, UK
  • Member, The Historic Preservation Honor Society of Sigma Pi Kappa
  • Grants Reviewer, Institute for Library and Museum Services
  • State Affiliate Reviewer, National Endowment for the Humanities
  • Fellow, Michigan Arts Leadership Academy
  • Project Reviewer, Michigan Humanities Council
  • Director of Education, Detroit Historical Museums, Detroit, Michigan
  • Historical Commissioner, City of Wyandotte, Wyandotte, Michigan
  • Advisor to the Arab American National Museum, Dearborn, Michigan
  • Board Member, Cobblestone Farm Association, Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Board Member, Huron Land Use Alliance, Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Development Committee Member, Michigan Historic Preservation Network
  • Educational Presenter, The Henry Ford (Formerly Greenfield Village & Henry Ford Museum), Dearborn, Michigan
  • Board Member, North Fork Community Theater, North Fork, New York
  • Museum Director, Hallockville Museum Farm, Riverhead, New York
  • Researcher, Old Sturbridge Village, Sturbridge, Massachusetts
  • Executive Director, Bridgton Historical Society, Bridgton, Maine
  • Elizabeth Perkins Fellow, Old York Historical Society of York, York, Maine


To discuss your organisation’s support needs, please call 1-734-994-1004 or email me at henry@henryamick.com