The Advocate for Environments that Foster the Human Spirit

..This personal identifier speaks to my growing interest in environmental psychology, humanistic spaces, and biophilic design. A.O. Wilson´s biophilic hypothesis guides this operating premise. Biophilic design builds on the growing understanding that human inspiration from nature is “hardwired” in our psyches.

In my professional practice, it becomes increasingly clear that humanistic spaces are crucial to true sustainability of humanity in this rapidly evolving era. Too often, we continue to turn to technological fixes, yet we cannot buy our way out of climate change. If we save ourselves, it will be because we saved the world, and the only way we can do that is if we slow down, appreciate and find inspiration in buildings, landscapes, and the “wild”, because only then will we engage fully and save the world.

Amick Cultural Resource Development was founded to provide cultural resources support and management expertise to government, industry, and individuals.

ACRD offers consultant services dedicated to museum-quality cultural resources management. These services include providing clients federal, state, and local requirements compliance assistance.

ACRD's commitment to professional excellence, direct project involvement by the firm’s principal, Henry Amick, and a focus on quality control and best value for the client has resulted in the successful completion of cultural resources projects since the late 1980s.

ACRD is committed to working collaboratively with planners, developers, landowners, and public agencies, in order to integrate cultural resource issues into project development.

ACRD is able to identify cultural resources, evaluate their significance, and provide appropriate strategies in compliance with government guidelines. ACRD can develop procedures to mitigate so-called adverse effects during project completion.

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